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LeCoOnt stands for Learning Concept Ontology. Initially the project was targeted on development an open source graphical editor for creating and maintaining lightweight domain ontologies used in Workflow- or Task- embedded e-Learning.

Now it's developed to a web-based concept mapping tool allowing face-2-face as well as offline collaboration using concept maps.

New LeCoOnt demo on the web - Feel free to try it and contact us.

New LeCoOnt blog

New LeCoOnt on the Touch & Write (Multitouch table) environment (

If you would like to join the developer team of the LeCoOnt or write your student's work at DFKI GmbH, please contact Oleg Rostanin.

Related pages

Literature- Here you will find documents and articles about the LeCoOnt tool and related concepts.

Documentation- Here you will find information for developers and users of LeCoOnt.

Requirements - Here you can find a requirements specification of LeCoOnt tool.

Technologies - Experiences collected during the work with LeCoOntWeb project.

Idea and Project Management

Oleg Rostanin

Current Developers

Mansoor Ahmed Khan

Oleg Rostanin

Contributors in the Past

Björn Forcher

Ravi Singh

Frederick Schulz

Saher el-Neklawy

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